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REQUEST NOW...a NEW fun and interactive way for DJs to take song requests!

I'm one of those rare DJs that actually does not mind taking song requests from guests. That being said, for a long while now, I've always wanted to find some sort of phone app or website that allows people to text in their song requests when we're DJing an event. Believe it or not, taking songs requests while we're DJing can be pretty challenging and disruptive at times. This is especially true for certain types of events like high school or middle school dances where they are requesting songs literally every minute.

Recently I discovered a new service from a company that allows people to text in their song requests to the DJ simply by using their cell phone. The beauty of it is that the song request does not go to the DJs actual phone, but it goes to a website that collects the songs which then the DJ can log into and see what songs are being requested.

How it works is, a normal pre-determined phone number will be assigned to the DJ and that specific event. Once the event ends, that phone number is no longer valid if anyone tries to text a song after the event has ended. Then the DJ will announce to the audience that they can text their song requests to that assigned phone number. I use an iPad with a simple graphic that I created in Photoshop that shows the phone number with my logo on it. For example, for the weddings that I did with this service, I announced to the guests that they can text their songs requests to (510) 945----- and simply type "Play and the name of the song they want me to play". Example would be: "Play Uptown Funk".

When they text me their song request, it will show up on the dashboard in my account on, which I leave open throughout the entire night. You can even give it a try yourself right now by clicking here! Also throughout the night I announce the phone number again to the guests just to remind them about the service and even before dancing starts, you'll begin to see people sending in their requests. It's pretty cool! Best of all, it's a great tool to interact with the guests because you can send them a personal message back also which can include your company information, website, links to your mixes and more. The message can be automated or typed manually for each person. I personally have an automated response whenever someone sends in a song request. Yes this is also an awesome marketing tool for DJs! DJs can add their business information, social media info and more to the automated messages.

This service is really amazing and I would highly recommend it to any DJ or anyone looking to hire a DJ for their event. I will admit, it's not designed for the club DJ however for special events and weddings, this thing works great! It gives the DJ the freedom to play the song requests wherever they see it fits best throughout their set and also prevents them from forgetting to play song requests, which I have a tenancy to do at times. Go check out this cool new service at: and try it out at your next event.

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