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Frequently Asked​​ Questions

What makes you different from all the other DJs?

Great question!  One word can best answer this question...experience, and lots of it!  Today with the help of technology, everyone and anyone can call themselves a "DJ".  The big difference though is that DJing is more than just playing music for people.  It takes years and years of experience to know how to play the right music for the right crowd; to know how to read a crowd and be able to cater to their tastes.  All of our DJs have at least 20 years of DJing experience, performing at all types of events.  They have DJed for both the young and the old and come from a generation of DJs when knowing how to play and mix all genres of music for all age groups was an absolute must! 

When we started DJing, there were no Top 40 DJs or Hip Hop DJs, or House DJs.  We were just simply called "DJs" and we had to know how to mix all formats of music and talk on the mic as a emcee in order to get booked.  Being able to play for any type of audience and knowing what to play at the precise moment is a skill that you can only learn from years of experience.  There is no technology out there today that can teach you this as a DJ.  You can have a gigantic music library, a top of the line sound and lighting system and the best laptop computer money can buy, but if you don't know how to effectively use those tools to please your crowd, then all of that equipment is useless.  In the end as a DJ, it should always be all about your crowd, the music and your listening audience.  You need to please them and make them happy if you want to have longevity in this business.

How many DJs work with you?

For most  events, we typically will have one person to assist with setting up/tearing down equipment and operating the lighting system.  All the people we work with are also experienced professional DJs so they know the ins and out of DJing.  Although an assistant will usually be present,  your DJ that you hired and have chosen to work with will be your DJ/Emcee for your entire event from beginning to end.  We have a Team of professional experienced DJs available to choose from.  

What kind of music do you play?

This is a question we get A LOT!  When it comes to the music we're able to play and mix, we can play it all!  From Top 40, House, Rock, Disco, Dance, Pop, Hip Hop, EDM, Funk, Old School, Bollywood, Oldies, 80's, Mash Ups, Country, Latin and more!  Our DJs are able to mix it all to fit your needs and personal preference.  A well rounded DJ who is diverse in their music knowledge and mixing capability is extremely important when hiring a DJ.  Today there are not a lot of DJs out there that can truly say they are able to mix all styles of music.  Fortunately this is a skill that our team of DJs have learned over the years which allows them to play for any type of crowd. 

When will you arrive to set-up your equipment?

Typically for most events, we arrive at least 2 to 3 hours before the start time of your event and in many cases even sooner depending on how simple or elaborate the set up will be.

What type of equipment do you use?  How will your DJ set-up look?

We use only high end, professional concert grade sound and lighting equipment consisting of top name brands such as QSC, RCFYorkville and JBL speakers, Shure wireless microphones and Martin, American DJ and Chauvet LED lighting systems.  We have several different DJ sound and lighting packages on hand that we utilize for different types of events.  Depending on the size of the venue, the type of event and the number of guests that are expected, our sound and lighting set-up will vary.  Typically in general it will always consist of at least two self powered speakers on tri-pod stands and two LED lighting trees which flash and chase to the beat of the music.   Our entire music library is in MP3 format using an Apple  Macbook Pro laptops with a Pioneer DJ Controller and Serato DJ Pro software program which is considered industry standard.

Can you provide speakers and a wireless mic for my wedding ceremony?  What about music for my ceremony?

Yes and yes!  We can provide you with a full PA system and wireless microphones (either lapel mic or handheld) if you are in need of one for your ceremony.  We can also provide you with music for your wedding ceremony which can include: Prelude, Processional and Recessional songs with a custom play list.

I need some up lighting, a video projector and screen for a slide presentation.  Can you provide me with that also?

Absolutely!  If you need uplighting, monogram gobo lights, an LED projector and screen or anything else related to audio visuals, we can provide you with all the equipment you need to make your special event perfect!  We aim to be your one stop shop for DJ, MC and Audio Visual related needs.


YES!  We have a partnership with our affiliate company, Memorify Photo Booths, who is our exclusive Photo Booth service provider.  We offer standard back drop and green screen or blue screen back drop photo booths.  All of our photo booth systems are open air style photo booths so you can include as many people as you like for each photo with a large assortment of photo templates to choose from as well.

Can you talk on the mic and make announcements also or do you just DJ and play music only?

As any professional DJ should, all of our DJs can not only DJ but also Emcee your event as well and we do not charge extra for Emcee services.  With the influx of new DJs coming into the market every day, less and less DJs today have the ability to act as an Emcee also.  All of our DJs are experienced professional Emcees who have the ability host your event for you and master the art of knowing how to speak clearly and eloquently on the mic in front of large audiences. 

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Paypal, Venmo and credit card via Paypal payment system.  (3% Paypal fee is applied for any Paypal or credit card payments)

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